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It's about 10 pm on a Thursday night, and I am sitting in bed to bring y'all some last minute Mardi Gras looks! But, the best part about this post is that these pieces can be worn much beyond Mardi Gras! I have some super cute options in here that can easily be transitioned into the spring! 

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This first outfit is one of my fav's! I was walking through Target two days ago (and every other day this week) and was checking out their new Spring clothes and stumbled upon this beautiful sweater. I have been falling in love with the look of a tie front shirt lately, so this one was screaming my name! It also comes in a cute gray color which if you stay tuned on my Instagram stories this weekend you will see my friend Gabi wearing! 

These jeans are truly what make the whole outfit. I have been searching for a pair of mom jeans for a long time and I was about ready to throw in the towel for my search until I found the clearance department of Target and I saw these babies. I have searched the internet far and wide for this exact pair but have sadly not found them. BUT, I have found an extremely similar pair so you don't have to hate me. But, I found these and then looked at the price and they were $8! For a price like that I couldn't say no, they were also the only pair left! But, I am going to devote an entire blog post to these jeans and a couple of different ways to style them because I am just that obsessed! 

Shop this look here: SWEATER (so I can't find this online), JEANS

This sweater is such a fun piece to me and I seriously adore it! Now, I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, but it's a fun piece to have in your closet. Plus, it's for Mardi Gras so it's super fun anyways! I paired it with a pair of jeans from Imagine Boutique. These are the same brand as the ones that I have posted from Imagine before! They are super soft and super stretchy which means they will still fit after all of the kingcake I devour this weekend! 

I hope that these looks gave you guys an idea of what to wear for this Mardi Gras weekend! Just don't forget your rain gear because things might be getting a little wet this weekend. But a little rain never killed nobody and it definitely won't kill the Mardi Gras vibe in New Orleans! If you're interested in seeing my Mardi Gras festivities stay tuned to my Instagram stories all weekend! I'll be filling Y'all in with all the fun! 

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