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Today we are talking all about one of my favorite pieces in my closet: MOM JEANS! I just recently discovered my love for these and now I could never part with them. They are perfect accessory to your Spring wardrobe and they are so versatile! Interested yet? Keep reading to see how I styled these beauties! 

 Dress em' Up: 

Like I said one of my favorite parts about these jeans is how versatile they are. The other weekend I wore this outfit to dinner and then the next day I threw on a sweater and made the whole look casual. 

These jeans are truly all in what you put into them, and I know what you're thinking "Zoe, it's just a pair of jeans". As that is a very true statement, they are a staple piece for your wardrobe. This is a piece that you can grab and pair with a few different tops and accessories and have a ton of different looks right there at your fingertips.

Anyways, for this outfit I grabbed my J Crew top that I showed y'all last week with my little gingham shorts! I love this top because it is something that you can dress up or dress down so easily. My mom actually picked this top up for me because she saw it on sale at J Crew and got it for me, so I gotta give this one to her. I love the ruffle detail and the off the shoulder/cold shoulder feel you get from it. 

This top with these jeans gave the jeans a totally different look than if I were to just throw a t-shirt on with them. You could pair this look with some basic black sandals like I did for a comfy walking around the town kinda look (Don't ask what that kind of look is, I'm not really sure, but y'all feel me). You could also dress up this look some more with some statement earrings just like I did! I seriously love this pair! 

Side note about tassel earrings, I learned a trick with these. If you're anything like me you don't keep your earrings that organized while you travel, so if you're like me and you wear a lot of tassel earrings they get messed up! Well, I learned this little trick to straighten them out. Since all the tassel is really made out of a type of string, I reached for my flat iron. I turned it onto the lowest possible setting and ran that over them a couple of times until they were neat again! This trick did work, but please don't burn anything down in the process of doing this. I did not encounter any problems but, you possibly could, so proceed with caution.

Back to the outfit now, pair this look with a bright pair of heels and take this outfit into a whole other level. I'll link some super cute pairs for you guys to look at! 

Add Some Ruffles(because why not): 

Another thing that y'all should know about me now is my love for ruffles. I mean nothin crazy like ridiculously sized ruffles or anything. Well, at least not yet. But really ruffles are such a statement look right now and I love finding cute pieces that really incorporate this trend. If y'all follow me on Instagram than you also know how obsessed I am with this top! I've paired it with these jeans before and I have also paired it with a pair of cutoffs and I loved it both ways! 

So the thing about this look is that you have a lot of wiggle room to make it your own. With the white top you have room to get colorful. If you like statement necklaces this is a great top to pair one with because of the higher neck! 

This top paired perfectly with these jeans because it gave it an overall casual Spring look, which I love. I paired these two pieces together to go to the movies with some friends a few weeks ago. Then I paired it together again to go to dinner with Trevor and my parents and that time I threw on my favorite floral booties to dress the look up a little.
I am also going to link some of my favorite earrings that I like to wear with this top too for you guys because I love giving y'all a whole outfit to shop. 

Add a Light-Weight Sweater 

One of my absolute favorite things to do with these jeans is to pair a light weight sweater with them. I actually bought this sweater over the winter and loved it underneath my jean jacket, so pairing these two together was a must for me. 

The amazing thing about this is that this sweater is actually still available to shop, the only thing is that it is sold out in the white and black stripes like I have on. But, there are a ton of other colors that you can get in this one. I love this sweater because it's perfect for the spring time because of it's light weight feel. You can do a half tuck into some cutoffs just like I did with these jeans.

This outfit is perfect for whatever you're doing because it's a versatile outfit. You can look super cute while still being super comfortable. This sweater has been on repeat for me since I bought it back in December. PLUS, it is on sale for only $12.99 right now! It's linked up top so that you can get one for yourself!

Throw em' with a Cropped Sweater

I have to share this outfit again because this is the first outfit I did with these jeans. Y'all have seen this outfit before and there's no doubt in mind that y'all will see another variation of it in the future because I love it so much. 

I found this cropped tie front sweater at Target about a month ago and when I saw it I had already decided it was mine. If you don't normally go into the clothes department of Target I recommend that you start. They have started bringing in new brands of amazing quality clothes for great prices. This piece is from the Universal Thread brand which is very new to Target. I always go check out what's new in this brand and I always fall in love with almost everything. I don't think I have picked up a single thing that was over $30 from that collection. Okay, enough about the brand, let's talk about this sweater. 

If you love wearing sweaters in the spring than this one is for you! The color is seriously my favorite right now, but if lilac isn't your thing than it also comes in grey! This sweater is the epitome of every trend in spring right now, and I love it !

I am pretty tall (5'10) and this sweater and jeans fall perfectly so that no skin is showing. I don't usually like all that skin to show so this is perfect for that. Especially because as a tall girl I can never find high waisted jeans that are truly high waisted, other than these! 

I hope that you guys enjoyed this post, everything is linked for you to shop under each outfit! All you have to do is click on the image of the item that you want and it will bring you directly to that outfit! And while we are on the subject of shopping I wanted to let you guys know something! So, I work for the company RewardStyle, which is how I get to link all of the things that I am wearing like I do. This is primarily how I monetize my blog! Every time one of you purchases something that I post from the links I post for you guys I make a small comissision! This applies to all of the bloggers that you follow that use So help our little small businesses and think of us when  you're shopping! 

Thank y'all for all your continued support your outpour of love has been so inspiring lately! I love seeing all of your messages, y'all are seriously the best! I would not get to do any of this without you! But enough with the sappiness I'll see y'all Wednesday with a spring break packing guide of everything you need for spring break! 

Much love,