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The Perfect Easter Dress + My Favorite Picks for Easter

Y'all I cannot believe it is almost Easter! I don't know about y'all but it feels like this year is flying by, yet it still feels so far from my birthday in June. But today I am coming on to tell you about this gorgeous dress and why you need it for Easter and every other spring/summer event. 

I just wore this dress to an event this past Sunday for New Orleans Fashion Week (whole blog post on this coming soon!) and I received so many compliments. Since my job is my clothes receiving a lot of comments on an investment piece means a lot to me!

Last Friday I was on a mission to find the perfect dress to wear to the event on Sunday. Usually, if I am looking for a nice dress for an event I always check Dillard's first. I feel like Dillard's is thought of as an older store, but honestly, it's my favorite for dresses for events! I have to give a big shoutout to the ladies that work in the Giani Bini department in the Dillard's at Lakeside Mall in Metairie because they were the sweetest girls ever! They made me feel like a princess while I was shopping and isn't that what every girl wants! Well, long story short I went through at least 10 dresses and I just did not like anything. I had picked this one up the first time I went to the dressing room, and then I never put it on and sent it back out. Well about an hour later I went back and got it and put it on. When I put it on I felt that princess moment when everything is exactly what I wanted it to be.  I absolutely fell in love just by putting this gorgeous dress on. But, enough about buying it let's talk about the sizing, comfort and all that jazz! 

Something I have noticed over the years is that if you are going to purchase a Giani Bini dress (which you totally should because they're amazing) you should probably size up one. All of the dresses by Giani Bini I tried on I had to size up to a 4 in, normally I wear a 2. The thing with his dresses and jumpsuits are that they really don't give, at all. So it's better to size up then not be able to get into it because I went through that a couple of times in the dressing room. It has a side zipper that makes the dress super easy to get into, and it's the perfect length to wear to church! To give you a good reference I am 5'10 and it was the perfect length for me, so if you're worried about it being short, don't! I found this dress wasn't uncomfortable at all, it didn't feel tight when I sat down and it was a great piece to wear and run around in all day long. The best part about this dress is the quality. This is a dress that will last you a couple of years and is perfect for so many events.

The details of this dress are what make it so eye-catching. The buttons going down the front are probably my favorite part, it was such a unique touch that I fell in love with. The color is also beautiful on so many different skin tones and it's not a color I normally reach for but I fell in love. This dress is perfect if you have a spring or summer wedding coming up! I feel like I always struggle with finding a dress to wear when I am going to a wedding (me and Trevor have been to 4 weddings in the last year) so I am always checking my favorite bloggers for their suggestions!

But, if this dress is a little out of your price range for Easter (which don't worry, it's out of mine too) I am sharing some other great options for you guys below! Each dress can be shopped just by clicking on the image!

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