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The Best Denim Shorts

Today we're talking about one of my favorite things, denim shorts! At just about any point between now and November, you will most likely catch me in a pair of denim shorts. So today I am sharing one of my go-to denim shorts outfits and at the bottom of this post, you will find a ton of denim short options! 

This outfit is constantly on repeat for me and that's all because it is so simple. I love this shirt with a pair of jeans for when it is a little colder. But since it's steadily warm here I've been grabbing my shorts. This outfit is one of those super casual but super put together looks and I love it. Believe it or not, you can change this outfit up a ton with your shoes. 

For all my short girls out there, grab your favorite espadrille wedges and throw them on with this look for brunch or lunch with the girls. Sadly, I cannot throw a pair of wedges with this because my legs are much too long and it would not be a flattering look on me haha! For all my tall girls and everyone in between, a pair of sandals brings this outfit to the perfect look for walking around town for the day. I'll leave some of my favorite sandals to wear with this look attached to the "Shop this look!" under the pictures! 

I do have some sad news for you guys, I bought these shorts from Blu Spero during September of last year on sale, and sadly they are no longer available. But don't worry because I am linking a ton of pair of shorts below for you guys to shop! 

As a tall girl with skinny legs and big hips, I know how hard it is to find a pair of shorts that are flattering on me and cover everything. Hopefully, these options make your summer search for shorts a little bit easier!

I do want to quickly mention something while you guys are here! I work with a company called RewardStyle that allows me to share all of the things I wear with you guys to be able to shop. So every time you like my picture on Instagram to shop it or see any item of clothing on here I have tagged it is by them. I am able to continue running Zoe Taylor Beauty because of this company and because of you guys. With that being said, I make a small commission whenever you purchase through one of my links! This is how I am able to keep my blog going! For example, if you decided that you wanted to buy anything shown in this post, you would click the image and it would bring you a link that is tied directly to me! It doesn't charge you anything extra and won't look any different to you! If you are ever wanting to purchase something that I am wearing I just ask that you help out my small business and shop through my links. If you do not like online shopping from the LIKETOKNOW.It app you can always head over to the Shop my Looks tab on here to shop everything without creating an account! Thank you guys so much for continuing to help my little dream, I appreciate you guys more than you'll ever know. 

Now, here are those shorts I promised you guys! I am sharing a ton of different styles so that hopefully you can find a pair that is perfect for you! You can shop each pair of shorts by clicking on the image! You can also see the price of each pair by scrolling over the image! A lot of these shorts are on sale right now so grab them while they're on sale!