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My New Favorite Toner

Hey, Y'all! I cannot even begin to explain how much I missed all of you and how much I missed writing! I am going to give all of you the rundown of where I've been in my next blog post on Wednesday so stay tuned for that! But today I am so excited to be a part of a product launch! I have been dying to tell you guys about this amazing new product from Saranghae and now I finally can! 

If you guys remember my blog post from a couple of months ago I told you guys about a Korean Skincare line I had been using called Saranghae. I have to be honest with you guys, I have not stopped using these products since I first posted about them! If you guys missed that post click HERE and go check it out! But, today they are launching a new product in their five-step regimen and that is their Optimal PH Perfect Balance Toner. Now, if you've been following my blog for a long time you guys know that I swear by my drugstore Sea Breeze toner so I was a little skeptical as to how this one would compare. But, I am pleasantly surprised! I have included the pictures above as a sort of testimonial for you guys as well! These pictures really showcased what this toner and these products have done for my skin! I didn't just want to show you guys my no makeup skin because you see that on my Instagram stories all the time. To me, my skin is the best when my makeup lays on top of it nicely. 

Before we jump into my review of the toner let's talk about the ingredients and what makes it so special. This toner is formulated with Hyaluronic Acid, Allantoin and Pantothenic Acid (which is Vitamin B5). This toner is designed to help rebalance your pH level and clean your pores while also minimizing them, all while hydrating your skin. Sound too good to be true? It's not! 

I have used this toner for the last month and I have truly been obsessed! I wake up with baby smooth skin every morning and it is WONDERFUL. The way I have been using it is that I have just added it into my skincare regime every night, and depending on how my skin is looking in the morning sometimes in the morning as well. At night I wash my face with THIS cleanser and also use THIS Clarisonic to get all of the makeup and dirt from the day from my skin. I then pat my face dry and follow up with the Perfect Balance Toner. I pour a good amount onto a cotton round and press it into the skin. It is important to press the product into the skin instead of rubbing! This will help the toner really sink into your skin and help the product work the way that it is supposed too! If I'm getting ready for bed I will follow up with the Saranghae Firm and lIft Cellular Regeneration Cream. If I'm about to do my makeup or go out for the day I follow it up with the Saranghae Deep Radiance Essence + Serum. I am going to leave the link to Saranghae's website HERE for you guys to shop everything that I have talked about! But, you can also hit the name of each product to go to that direct product! 

 Something I did not expect from this product was for it to help control my oily skin. I have very oily skin and I live in South Lousiana were it's 100+ degrees and 100% humidity. This toner really helped my skin and my makeup stay oil free almost all day! 

I have really enjoyed using this product for the last month and I really think that it is worth the investment! I also forgot to mention, it smell's amazing. So if you weren't sold already, now you should be (; 

I hope that this review helped you guys leave me a comment below on some blog post ideas! I will see you guys on Wednesday with a huge life update that I owe you guys, so stay tuned! 



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