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Designing Your Unique Christmas Card

Hey Y'all, we're almost to the most wonderful time of the year. Before the most wonderful time of the year comes time to do Christmas cards! I have found the best and easiest website to design your own Christmas cards for an affordable price! Read on to see how I designed these unique christmas cards and how you can design your own cards! 

 So let's talk about Basic Invite before we get into how everything works! They have over 180 custom color options so that you can make all of your ideas come to life! Everything in their cards is completely customizable! Most companies do not usually allow this much customization. The other cool part about Basic Invite is that you will receive your order in 5 business days! You will also receive a proof of your cards before you send them out! On top of everything they also do free address collection and address printing to keep everything looking great! 

For all of my gals who are engaged Basic Invite offers free websites for you to design for your wedding to keep everyone in the know! They also do stationery and business cards. I actually just ordered business cards from them and impressed is an understatement! Now, let's get into how all of this works! 

I was seriously so impressed with the quality and fast shipping of these cards! You can see the amount of thought and detail that goes into everything that they put out! They're packaging is also impressive which is a big thing for me! I love pretty packaging hahaha! 

To make this super easy for you guys I'm going to include screen grabs of their website so that you can see everything! Let's get to it! 

So the first step is going to the Basic Invite website (just click "Basic Invite" to head over). When you first open the site this is what you're going to see. You can already tell that their website is super user-friendly making this an easy process!

Next, you're going to hit the lines at the top left corner, if you're on a desktop it's going to say "Events" along the top of the screen.  Once you hit that you can choose whatever kind of card you want to design! So for this case, we're going to hit "Holiday" and then hit "Christmas". You can choose to do a foil holiday card as well which is going to give it a more metallic and shiny look for your cards! 

After you click "Christmas" you will be brought to this page with all of the different templates you can choose from! There are hundreds of templates guys. It was hard to just pick two! For my first card, I went with the "Leaves and Berries" template! 

Once you get that pulled up it will bring up the customization part! From here you can see all of the options you have! Change any color you want, change any words you want, even change the way it will be cut out! I wasn't kidding when I told you guys that everything was completely customizable! 

Next, if you hit the options button it will show you all of the ways that you can get your cards printed. I thought that the "Ticket" option was a really cute idea. If you're having a Christmas party and are sending these as invites it would be a cool idea to get it in the shape of a ticket! 

 One of the coolest parts is that it will tell you when your order will get to you based on the shipping that you choose! So if you're anything like me and wait until the last minute to do most things this will save you! From here, you can also choose whatever you want to add to the back of your cards and the envelopes here too! They also have an almost unlimited color choice of envelopes too! So everything from the card to the envelope is tailored to you! 

I also wanted to mention a super cool feature that Basic Invite offers to its customers and that is their address capturing service. We all know that one of the most annoying things about sending out cards of any kind is finding where you put everyone's addresses and texting them to get the ones that you don't already have! Well, Basic Invite cuts the hassle out completely. Simply post a link they supply you with on Facebook and it will bring your friends to a site where they type in their address and Basic Invite will save them all for you!  How cool is that?! 

ALSO, Basic Invite is offering 30% off on everything with the code holi30 so that you can get your holiday photo cards 2018 done in time! 

I am also going to include pictures of the other cards that I designed from Basic Invite as well. Don't make fun of our pictures too hard they were what I had to work with at the time hahaha! 

If you guys are interested in this template the name is "Country Moose". 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and that it helped you in choosing your Christmas cards this year! Stay tuned because the holiday content begins now! I cannot wait to get gift guides and all of the fun holiday posts up for you guys! 

*This post is sponsored by Basic Invite, all opinions are my own.*


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