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Last Minute Couples Costume Idea

Hey, Y'all we are officially a week and a half away from Halloween, can you believe it? This year has seriously FLOWN by! But, I am beyond excited that it's almost Halloween because that means it's almost Christmas time! But with it being a week and a half away from Halloween I know that some of you out there do not have your costume ready yet, but don't worry I'm here to help! The best part about this costume is that it can be used as a couple or if you are single, it's a win-win! Let's get to it! 

So let me preface this by saying I put this costume together in about 5 minutes. Dalton and I got invited to a Halloween party last week and only had a few days to put a costume together, this one popped into my head and then I rushed on over to Amazon to find what I needed. 

Dalton and I decided to be a doe and a hunter, it was a super cute and easy idea and was affordable! I paid $30 for the whole costume and you can easily reuse the dress any time you want! My idea behind what I chose to wear was that I wanted to be cute and comfy at the same time, so a t-shirt dress it was. I went on Amazona and after ten minutes of looking, I found this little brown dress that wound up working out perfectly! 

The hard part of this costume was finding doe ears/antlers, I thought it was going to be an easy find, but it was not! However, I did find these SUPER cute ones on Amazon for only $10! The reviews were a little iffy so I was worried about ordering them but they were totally fine! Mine came in without an issue and were able to be shipped through prime so I got them in two days! Prime is truly the saver of this costume! 

The makeup is truly the easiest part of this costume! I watched some videos on YouTube but decided they were just a little too much and a little too difficult for the last minute costume so I decided to do my own take on it. I did my makeup like normal first because we had a football game to go to before the party, so I just built off of that! After that, I grabbed a big powder brush and my favorite bronzer and went to town! You want to focus your bronzer on the top half of your face and try to keep the bottom half light. So I mainly kept the bronzer where my contour was, go to town with your bronzer! Just make sure that it is nice and blended. Next, I grabbed one of my favorite highlighters and focused it under my eyes! I put a lot under my eyes to really make it glow, but I also highlighted the high points of my cheeks, my forehead, nose, and cupids bow like normal! Next is the white dots! These are super easy! All you do is take a white paint marker (this will come off with makeup wipes or your regular face wash) and you're going to randomly dot the pen on the tops of your cheeks and bring it up to your forehead, repeat this on the other side and you're almost done with your makeup! Next, you're going to need a black eyeliner pencil. You can start by bringing your eyeliner a little further down past the corner of your eye. Now it's time to draw your nose! Make a little "m" on the tip of your nose and then fill it in until it looks good and even! Next, take your black liner and draw a line straight down your cupids bow and fill in your top lip with the black liner. The finishing touch of the look is to just grab some concealer and go on the lower half of your face under your bronzer and lighten up that whole area! All of the makeup products I used are linked just under this for you guys! Voila! You're a deer now! Super easy right? Now. let's get into your man's part of the costume!

If you're doing this costume with your significant other, they have it super easy (;. All they need is a camo shirt, khaki pants (or camo if you wanna go all out!), and a camo hat! I'm going to link some options for you guys to shop for him too! But, all of these things can be found at Academy Sports and Outdoors, Cabellas, or Bass Pro Shops or any other outdoor shop! The best part about this costume is there isn't much for them to complain about because it's just a shirt and some pants (; . 

The best part of this costume is that it's super easy to put together and it's still super cute! This costume worked out perfectly for us and was a hit at the party! Stay tuned because the next blog post is all about designing those Christmas cards you've been putting off (; . Next week all of my looks from Voodoo Festival will be up for you guys so stay tuned for that! 


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