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How to Style Spanx Leggings Two Different Ways

Hey, gals! Today's post is a super exciting one and one that I think is necessary! When I first got my Spanx leggings I wasn't exactly sure how I wanted to style them, after all, they are still a legging. I'm sure you guys have also struggled with this! So today I wanted to show y'all two completely different ways to style everyone's favorite leggings! If you guys are interested in shopping for any of the pieces that you see here, scroll to the bottom of the pictures to see the links to everything!

The Leggings.....

I can't tell you guys how to style these bad boys without talking about them first a little. If you follow any blogger on Instagram, chances are you've heard about these leggings. Chances are you've swiped up on their story and saw the price tag and exited out of the website immediately, I know I have. I didn't understand the hype around them, after all, they were just leggings. I never wanted to take the plunge and buy them just because of the price tag, even when they went on a slight sale it wasn't ever enough to get me to do it. But then one day I did it. 

It was Christmastime and my mom just kept asking me what I wanted for Christmas and the only thing I could think of was those dang leggings! So I told her, and she wound up getting them for me. If you have a birthday or anything coming up I suggest asking for these that way you don't have to take the plunge! I have to be honest with you guys, from the second that I put these leggings on I was impressed. I mean I had heard every girl I follow rave about them, but I kinda figured it was just all hype, it wasn't. These leggings suck you in and make every part of your legs look fantastic, all while being super comfortable!

If you're sitting here wondering if they are worth the money or not, I'll cut to the chase and tell you guys that it is definitely worth the money. I have tried countless pairs of faux leather leggings over the years and none of them compared to these. The Spanx leggings are a thin material (but they keep you warm) so unlike most of the other faux leather leggings that are super thick, these are a nice thin material. They also don't look like an overly shiny faux leather, they almost have a sheen to them instead. But, enough talk about the leggings lets get into styling them! 

Casual Look... 

Let's start off with this more casual look first. This fleece pullover from JCrew has been on repeat for me since I got it, it's that amazing. It's super comfortable and most of all super warm too, which was necessary for the day that we did this shoot because I was freezing. This pullover is on major sale right now, so it's a great time to get it for this last bit of cold months! It also comes in a couple of different colors, so if the black isn't for you check out the other colors!

This pullover had the sherpa texture on it so I wanted to throw it on with faux leather leggings to really spice it up. I do pair it with regular black leggings all of the time too, but I love it like this. If I'm just running around and running errands I throw this outfit on and grab my favorite pair of Adidas and have more of an athleisure look, but this time I paired it with my favorite slides from Target. 

This outfit is great for running around and is more of a classic look to wear with leggings. I love grabbing a pullover and throwing it on with my faux leather leggings. Y'all know that pullovers are my favorite so that shouldn't be too much of a surprise. If you want to shop anything that you see in this picture just look below the set of pics and click any of the items that you're interested in and it will take you right to the site!

Dressier Look...

Most people whenever they think about leggings they usually think very casual looks, but with these amazing leggings, you don't have to stick to super casual looks. For this dressier look, I grabbed one of my favorite sweaters from H&M, I have had this sweater for two years and it is still in great shape. It pairs well with so many things, just as it does with these leggings. 

To give myself a little bit more of a figure, I decided to front tuck the sweater just a tad. You can definitely pull that off with these leggings, which may be an entire reason to buy these leggings in itself. In order to make this outfit a little more dressy, I grabbed my favorite pair of booties. If you follow me on Instagram you know that I love these booties so much and they have been my most worn shoe since September! They are surprisingly comfortable and they hold up really well! They are a great price too, I bought them for a concert and they wound up being one of my favorite pair of shoes that I own! 

You can easily throw a coat on top of this sweater to have a great outfit for a night out on the town. If you wanted to run errands in this outfit, grab a flat shoe or a cute sneaker and you're ready to go!

In all, if you are considering these leggings, or if you've been wanting them for a while I say take the plunge and go for it! They are so worth it and I wear them most days out of the week because they are that good! Stay tuned to the blog because on Monday my Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Him is going up! If you missed my Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Her you can see that HERE.
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