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All About My PopCharm's Bracelet

If you follow me on Instagram, chances are that you have seen my rocking my PopCharms bracelet in most of my posts. I'm not kidding when I say that every time I wear it I get compliments on it and questions about it. Since I just hosted a giveaway with them I figured I would come on and talk all about my PopCharms bracelet and all about what PopCharms is. So if you've been wondering what in the world that bracelet that is in all my pics is all about, keep reading! 

What are PopCharms? 

PopCharms is the newly redesigned charm bracelet, you remember those jingly bracelets we all used to wear in middle school? I don't think most of us would even look twice at those anymore, but PopCharms wasn't ready to let the charm bracelet go. PopCharms are a newly redesigned charm bracelet. The point of these bracelets is to tell your story, you choose charms that tell your story. The coolest part about these bracelets is that they are super chic looking.

How does the process work? 

The way that this process works is that you chose your band color, and then you will go and start to choose your charms. The charms are all little round disks that pop onto the bracelet. So, when you get your bracelet it is going to come in a box with all of your charms to put on. All you do is take the charm and pop it right on when you hear it click its securely on there. There are so many charms for you to choose from so that you can effectively tell YOUR story! 

My PopCharms Story

If we're talking about stories, why don't we get into my bracelet and the story that I aim to tell with mine? I discovered PopCharms from another blogger. At first, I just thought it was a cute bracelet, so I clicked the tag on her story and started to check them out. That's when I found out how cool these bracelets were. I was never one that was really into charm bracelets just because they were not very cute but I loved the idea of being able to tell a story with them. So when I found these I fell in love. It was a super cute charm bracelet, and up until now, I had never found anything like this. 

So, let's talk about the charms that I have on my bracelet and what they mean to me. The first charm you will find on my bracelet is a rose. This one means a lot to me. My great grandmother's name was Rosalie, but we all called her Rose. She passed away last year and I wanted a way to remember her every day. She was an amazing and hilarious woman and the world is so much duller without her in it. So I try to remember her every day by this charm. 

The next one I have is a Gemini charm. If you didn't already know or didn't already figure it out, I am a Gemini. I did not get this charm because I am big into horoscopes or anything, I just liked the charm and liked that it was a representation of my birthday at the same time. 

I also have a cross on my bracelet, this is on there as a daily reminder that some things are out of my control and are all in God's hands. This charm is really good for me whenever I am feeling down or discouraged and this charm often really gets me through the day. 

I have a dog bone on there, and I think that one is obvious that it is for Miller. Dalton and I got Miller this past August and she has been such a light in our lives for the last few months. If you don't follow me on Instagram, Miller is our chocolate lab puppy. She is on my stories all the time because she loves to be on camera. Every time I start to do a story she somehow appears out of nowhere to get in the story. But, that little charm means a lot to me because she means a lot to me. 

My other charms are more simple and aren't as much of a story as they are a part of my story, I have a camera on there and that is on there for my blog. My blog is my baby and I work extremely hard on it and I put my heart and soul into it so I have that on there to remind me of what I am working for, I also have a "D" charm and a "Z" charm, those are obviously for Dalton and Zoe. 

The last one I have on there is a diploma charm. I like to wear my bracelet every day so that I see this charm every day. I like to be reminded every single day what I am working towards. It's easy to lose sight of those goals so this charm really helps me to remember. 

If you are interested in getting your own PopCharms bracelet I will leave the link right HERE for you guys! I hope that this post was not only informative but that it also helped you get to know me a little better. On Monday, I have a post coming with the best pieces to transition into Spring with!