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Boutique Take Over with - Obsession Boutique

Hey, gals! I have another boutique takeover going up today and these outfits are some of my favorites! I hopped on over to Obsession Boutique and spent some time putting some outfits together for you guys! There's a look for everyone in this post so I guarantee you'll find something that you like! So let's get to the outfits! 

Remember, you can shop all of these looks even if you aren't local to the Hammond area. If you go to Obsessions Instagram HERE, you can shop through their posts! If they have already posted the items I am sharing they will be linked right under the post so that you can shop them either through their website (HERE) or their Instagram. IF one of the items isn't posted and I don't link anything just screenshot the pic of the item that you want and send it to them through DM's on Instagram and they can get it for you! 

l Romper l
The first outfit is one of my favorites, and I am happy to say that it is tall girl approved. If you're a tall girl like me you know that finding rompers long enough to fit right is a true hassle. This romper wasn't an issue for me at all! I chose a small buy I definitely could've sized up to a medium to fit a little longer in the torso for more comfort. So if you're taller, like me, that's something to keep in mind. 

l Romper l

The first thing that drew me to this romper was the colors. My color pallet in the spring in summer is whites and blues, I find that they work the best with my skin tone and with my hair color. This romper is a super cute linen material so it will keep you cool during the summer months! Especially if you live in Louisiana like I do. 

l Romper l
If you live somewhere that is a colder climate for the Spring season this romper is easy to throw a neutral colored cardigan over. You could also throw a jean jacket over top to have an edgier look, while still keeping warm. 

Switching gears with the next outfit to a more casual look perfect for everyday wear. These little t-shirt dresses are my favorite thing for the spring and summer because they are so effortless. You throw one of these on and you look totally put together. 

The benefit of these dresses is that they are very versatile. One of my favorite ways to wear these dresses is to throw a jean jacket over, particularly the pearl jean jacket that I keep posting about on Instagram. You throw on a jean jacket over this and you've got a dressier look than you had before. 

You could also throw on a pair of wedges with this dress and some jewelry and have another look that is totally different. But, my favorite way to wear these dresses is just like this, with a pair of sandals ready to go anywhere. It's perfect to wear if you're going to be running around all day, and you'll be comfy and cool all day. 

I do have to say though, the best part of this dress is the color! I have been seeing this color ALLLL over for the upcoming season and I am pumped about it. It's a color that looks amazing on so many skin tones and it's fabulous. 

The next outfit is my favorite, and this one came home with me, you'll be seeing it an upcoming blog post all about these shoes! I have been seeing this dress all over Instagram lately and I was super excited whenever I saw it in Obsession! 

The best part about this dress is that it's a wrap dress so you can adjust it however you want it to lay. It's an extremely flattering dress and is one of those things that can be worn a million ways. Grab a pair of sneakers like I did for a casual look, or grab a pair of wedges for a dressier look. 

The ruffles on this dress give it a more girly look which you guys know I was all about. It's also insanely comfortable. I think that this little cutie is going to come to Disney World with me this summer for a dinner date!

The last outfit I have for you guys is another favorite of mine! This one is perfect for just about any event that you have coming up! If you have brunch with your friends, or a festival to go to you've got this outfit waiting for you. 

I decided to pair these super cute seersucker shorts with this nicer style top to dress up the look. You could also grab a little white tee and have a more casual, but still super cute look. You know that I love pieces that I can wear a million different ways, and you can do that with these shorts! 

If you don't already have a pair of seersucker shorts in your closet for the upcoming spring and summer seasons head to Obsession Boutique and pick some up for yourself before they're all gone!

I hope you guys enjoyed this little series of boutique takeovers as much as I did! I love working with big brands, but working with local boutiques is something that I wanted to do from the beginning, so I love to work with them. This is not the end of boutique collabs, don't worry, there will be more in the future! I am planning out some fun content for you guys right now!

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