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The White Sneakers You NEED in Your Closet

One of the biggest trends for the upcoming Spring and Summer seasons is white tennis shoes. It is definitely a trend I can get behind because they are seriously so versatile. In today's post, I will be talking about one of my favorite pairs of white sneakers. Spoiler alert: the laces are ribbon! 

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If you've followed me for a while then you know that I have a few pair of shoes from Vionic. Vionic is different from every other shoe brand I've worn because their shoes are designed with the thought of your foot and the way that it moves as you walk in mind. Most shoe companies just design their shoes to be stylish and that's about it. Luckily, Vionic thinks beyond just being stylish but also thinks about you being comfortable all day long! All of their shoes are equipped with Vio-Motion support. What this does is hugs the arches of your foot like a natural footprint. When you first get your pair of Vionic shoes it is recommended to wear them around for a few hours to break them in before wearing them for long periods of time. 

I am heading to Disney World in May with Dalton and I needed a cute pair of shoes that would look good with everything, but that I could also walk the parks every day. I already knew that I wasn't just going to wear a t-shirt and Nike shorts to the parks every day so a plain pair of tennis shoes weren't even an option. You guys already know that I am going to be dressed cute in the parks every day! I knew that I wanted a white pair of sneakers, but I knew that I wanted a pair that were comfortable enough to wear all day. That's when I found these super cute ones from Vionic. I knew that once I broke in these bad boys they would be perfect for the parks. 

What I love most about these white sneakers, in particular, is the detail! If you didn't notice, the laces are ribbons. So it really gives it a girly touch and dresses up the sneakers a little. I knew that while in Disney I would be wearing rompers some days and I wanted something that would still look cute with my rompers as it would with my denim shorts. Don't worry, I will have a whole blog post on the outfits that I am packing and what I am packing before we leave! But, I also liked the slight platform that these had. I thought it added something a little bit more on trend, and I liked that! These are super comfortable and super cute and I cannot wait to wear them all over Disney! 

I do also want to add that I will be taking more than one pair of shoes to Disney with me because I have strange feet. If I wore the same exact pair of shoes the whole trip all day every day I would be in A LOT of pain. I think that this is because I have high arches and sometimes shoes with a lot of support can just be too much for me. I actually got another pair of white sneakers that are a little bit slimmer than these are and have less support on the days that my feet need it. So, if you're like me in that aspect this is something to think about! But, if you're just wearing them for normal wear you will be fine and comfortable all day! It would just hurt my feet for DAYS at a time wearing them ALL DAY every day! Hope that makes sense and I hope that that helps. 

I am also going to include a few options from Vionic that I also love! I promise you guys that the quality of these shoes is totally worth it! You're going to put them on and fall in love! You can shop any of these options by simply clicking on the image! 

I tried to include a ton of useful information in here because as much as I love shoes I love comfort too! I have a lot of Spring themed posts coming to the blog! I am planning a blog post full of trends that are in for the Spring and how I style them so look out for that! 

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