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Summer Wedding Guest Dresses

Ladies, wedding season is officially upon us, which obviously means we have nothing in our closets to wear to that wedding next week. Don't fret any longer, I have put together a whole guide of dresses that are perfect for Spring and Summer weddings!

Included I have two of my own dresses that I wanted to link and show y'all just in case you need more inspiration! You can check those out right before you get to the guide!

This first one was super affordable and super cute! This one is perfect for those upcoming Summer weddings, and the best part is that most of the colors this dress comes in are under $40. So, if you're o a budget like I am this dress is perfect for you! It's super comfy as well made out of neoprene type of material to keep you dry and comfy all night! Right below the pics I have linked all the options that this dress comes in so that you guys are able to shop them all!

 This dress is an oldie but a goodie, especially when it comes to weddings. Maybe you don't want to make as much of a statement as the last dress and would rather go the simple route, this one is perfect. You can always throw on a fun pair of heels with a dress like this and give it a totally different look as well! I linked a few similar options to this dress since mine is no longer available to shop! Keep scrolling to see the whole shoppable guide of wedding guest dresses!

I included a couple of different styles and a lot of different price points in this guide for y'all. I included more expensive dresses because some of these dresses are amazing quality and will be able to be worn for years on end. Even though I like to stay on the budget-friendly side of fashion most of the time, nice dresses are something that I like to splurge on because I have them for years!

I also included different styles for you guys from casual to more formal, every wedding is different so I wanted you guys to have a lot of options! I know how stressful it can be searching through stores and websites for a dress to wear and that's why I made this guide, so you didn't have to do any of that! This post last year was my best performing post so I am excited to bring back an updated version for you all! To shop any of the dresses shown simply click on the image of the dress you're interested in!

I hope that this guide helps you guys find the perfect dress for your next event! I plan to keep doing these as the seasons change because I know it's even harder to find a dress for a winter wedding! Until then, I will see y'all with my next blog post!