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Simple Summer Looks

Summer is offically here, even though it feels like it has offically summer in Louisiana for a hot minute now, but we're making it! Summer outfits are my favorite because I feel like I can do so much with them! Today I am sharing some of my favorite easy and summer looks that you can recreate at home! 

Now, before we start I should tell you that most of these outfits are from boutiques so that means that they are not able to be linked through However, I have searched the internet for either the exact piece I am wearing or very similar pieces so that you can re-create the looks! If I could not find the exact piece I linked a couple of similar options so that you could have options! Okay, now onto the outfits! 

The Perfect Crop Top/High Waist Shorts Combo

My first outfit is my favorite one and is one that is super easy to recreate. I love the look of a crop top, but I prefer the crop tops I wear to look a little nicer than just a cropped tee. I was at Columbia Street Mercantile and found this super cute smocked ruffle crop top and knew that I needed it! 

Since the top was a bright white I knew that I wanted to add some contrast to the look. I knew that I would probably being pairing this top with a pair of classic dark wash denim high waisted shorts. But then I thought what about a black pair of high waisted shorts? Then we got here. I loved the contrast of the black to the white because it felt very unexpected for the summer time. 

My shorts are a true favorite from Edge Boutique. I actually DM'd them the other day and told them they need to get these shorts in every wash and color they can because they are THAT good. It takes a lot for me to completely fall in love with a pair of shorts, but these did it for me. I have tried a couple pairs of shorts from Edge and have loved every pair, so while they may not have this pair anymore I highly reccomend trying them out! I will link some other pairs that look just like these so you can still get the look. 

If you want to recreate this look with things in your closet a simple white tee or a simple white crop top would work just as well. Grab a good pair of high waisted shorts and a statement belt and BAM you've got a great outfit. If it gets a little colder at night where you live I reccomend a cute denim jacket to throw on top and some flatforms (click HERE for my favorite pair) for a night out!

However, I can't link that cute little bandaid that's basically in every pic (; . I tried to edit it out, didn't go to well, so here we are.

The Perfect Summer Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are typically my go-to in the summer time. They're like rompers but way better. I found this little cutie at Target and could not pass it up, I mean the 4th of July is coming up and how cute would this be for a party?! The wide leg detail of this one makes the jumpsuit look dressier than it is which makes it super easy to dress up or dress down. I dressed it down with these slides that are Marc Fischer dupes from Forever 21.

The straps are adjustable and it has a cute open back detail to it which I love. It is very lightweight which makes the 105 degree summer days in Louisiana a little bit more bearable. Since jumpsuits are very trendy right now I often head to Target to find some, mainly because they are affordable, but they also have so many options! The Wild Fable collection at Target often has some hidden gems like this one, you just may have to do some digging. Or if you're shopping online you can easily find tons of them.

You can easily dress this outfit up to a couple of different degrees. Have a party to go to that's dressy casual? Grab a cute pair of wedges and throw them on with this. Have a nicer event like an outdoor summer wedding to go to? Grab a pair of strappy heels and throw on a statement earring for a put together dressy look. This jumpsuit is so versatile so you'll have an excuse to wear it more than once. 

Gingham Top and Classic White Shorts 

Okay I lied, I think this outfit may be my favorite, it's a really close tie. So sadly, I cannot link this exact top, but it also from Columbia Street Mercantile. I scoured the internet looking for a similar one, but couldn't find anything with the embroidery like this one. With that being said, I am all about the gingham and the embroidery for the summer. There are so many embroidered tops on the market right now and I am here for it. Something about the embroidery detail makes everything look super nice.

Since this top was super busy I knew that I needed to tone it down with the shorts, so I opted for a pair of white shorts. The ones I'm wearing are from Target because my pair from Articles of Society from last year failed me and totally ripped. I have no idea what happened to them but it's okay because I basically buy a new pair of white shorts every year. This year I decided to go the cheaper route, these were legit $15. I have worn them a few times so far and have washed them a few times and they seem to be fine. They are a thinner material so I would reccomend wearing light colored under garmets under these so that no one will see them!

To recreate this outfit all you need is a gingham top, lucky for you they are everywhere and I have even linked a few cute options for you. Then grab a pair of white shorts and a fun pair of shoes and you're good to go. This would also make a cute 4th of July outfit. The more I think about the more I think I need to do a 4th outfits blog post. Is that something you guys would be interested in? Let me know in the comments below.

On Wednesday, I will be sharing my tanning routine with you guys including how I take my self tanner off because that's super important too! I will be sharing the prepping all the way to the removal. Make sure you subscribe (check the sidebar) so that you won't miss any of the new posts that are coming!