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Disney Outfit Inspo

If you are anything like me while planning your upcoming Disney trip, you are also planning all of your outfits as well! Months before we ever left for Disney I was finalizing all of my outfits that were based on each park! I have been promising you guys this blog post and I 
finally have the time to sit down and write it for you! So let's jump right in! 

I will preface this by saying I am not a very casual outfit type of gal, that just is not me, so I did not want to do that for Disney too. Now, if you are opposite and dress completely for comfort all power to you! I think whatever you are most comfortable in is best! I am the most comfortable in my cute and fun outfits rather than a t-shirt and shorts. So this blog post is the inspiration of more dressy casual outfits, these are perfect if you have sit down lunches and dinners in the parks because you will feel dressed for the occasion! 

Day 1: The Magic Kingdom

The first day we spent the day in The Magic Kingdom, I knew that I wanted an outfit that was themed around one of the princesses. Mainly because when I think of The Magic Kingdom I think of princesses. So I  actually got my good friend from Victoria's Monograms to make this shirt for me inspired by a design I saw on Pintrest. She does more than just what you see on her site, if you have an idea pitch it to her and she will work with you to make what you want! You can check out her website HERE and all of her Disney shirts HERE. Then while you're at it follow her on Instagram HERE to see all that she's been making lately!

Since I was going to be doing a t-shirt I did not just want to pair it with a pair of denim shorts, I wanted to do something more fun than that, but I wanted to be comfortable too. Then I found these shorts from Nordstrom Rack (linked under the pic for y'all and under $30), they were perfect for Disney because they were lightweight but they were also super cute and dressed the outfit up!  

With every outfit that I wore in Disney, I paired it with a white pair of tennis shoes, if you guys want a good laugh I have a fun story about the pair that I am wearing in the first outfit. So, I bought these shoes a few months before we left for Disney and wore them on days that I knew we would be walking a lot and thought that they would be great for Disney. Well, we started the day we got to Disney at Disney Springs, halfway through those shoes already started to hurt. I am very used to walking a lot of miles in one day so I knew that wasn't the problem. I decided to suck it up and tried to wear them all through The Magic Kingdom the next day. They got so bad that I could not walk around 6:00 that day, so about 7.5 hours into that park day. The blisters were so bad, they are actually still there almost a month later. I had to leave The Magic Kingdom and we took the bus to Disney Springs and finally found a pair of sandals since I did not bring other sandals with me, bad move. So I wore those the rest of the day and then all through Epcot the rest of the day. 

Then I decided on the third day to switch to the Adidas that I brought since my blisters had calmed down a little and I could finally put on a real shoe, those were not too bad! Because of how bad the blisters were though there was not a single shoe that was actually comfortable, so I just sucked it up. But that was my Disney shoe situation in a nutshell. Keep in mind, I have been to Disney about 6-7 times in my life and never leave the house on a trip without multiple pairs of shoes, except this trip. Don't be me, pack at least two back up pairs of shoes in case your shoes fail you like mine did. Now, back to the outfits. 

Day 2: Epcot

The second day we spent the day in Epcot! I knew we wouldn't be riding a lot of rides and things so I wanted to wear a romper because I knew it would be comfy and I knew it would look cute in pictures too, blogger priorities. I actually had this super cute romper from Red Dress Boutique that I wore for my 21st birthday last year! I thought the bright red color would be perfect for Disney and even more perfect for the Mickey ears that I wanted to wear this day. Also, Minnie Mouse loved my romper too (;

If you are concerned with wearing a romper to Disney, don't be I did it for two days and it was so comfortable! I was worried about the romper being weird on certain rides but it wasn't! Just make sure to choose one that fits you well that won't be riding up or rubbing you the wrong way all day! 

Day 3: Animal Kingdom

The third day we went to the Animal Kingdom and I think this was one of my favorite outfits and the best part about it was that it was SOOO comfortable! I actually found this one from a local boutique on their sale rack and I think it wasn't more than $12 so it was a win all around. My goal for this outfit was too match the scenery, when I think of Animal Kingdom I think of the Kilimanjaro Safari so I wanted my outfit to look kind of safari like. So when I saw this romper I knew it was the one. 

The benefit of this romper was that it had buttons down the front top half, which means that it was a lot easier to use the bathroom. The only problem with wearing rompers to the parks is when they zip or button up the back and that is just too complicated to do on your own. So I highly recommend looking for a romper that you can unbutton or unzip from the front, thank me later! 

If you really like the style of this romper don't worry, I scoured the internet and found some similar options for you guys who are interested in the Utility romper trend! I think it's a super fun trend and it's super easy to dress up by just throwing on a pair of wedges!

Day 4: Hollywood Studios 

The fourth day we spent at Hollywood Studios, don't ask why the photos were taken in Epcot, we forgot to take one in Hollywood Studios #bloggerfail. Also, just so the shirt makes sense, Dalton's shirt says #broke on it. This was the only day that we did couple's tee's and I knew that I wanted to do fun ones so I found these on Pinterest and loved them so I called Victoria again and asked if she would do them for us! She got the vision of what I wanted and they were perfect. These shirts have also been washed a few times and have held up very well. I alwyas get her to make and do my shirts because I know that they'll last and that they're made with love and care. If you want to shop all of her shirts you can click HERE

I found these super cute shorts from JCrew, I randomly found this pair while shopping around one day and as soon as I saw them I knew that they would be perfect to go with this shirt. Originally I had planned to wear this shirt with just some jean shorts until I found these. I knew that these would give a fun pop of color to the outfit. They were super lightweight and super comfy! 

Day 5: The Magic Kingdom One Last Time

The last day we spent back in our favorite park, the only problem is that I did not get a pic in my outfit..... another #bloggerfail. I do have some selfies from this day though and one mirror pic, so I will share the mirror pic. A bathroom mirror pic is better than nothing hahaha, bear with me here. 

For this day I wore a cute bodysuit I found from a local boutique and paired it with some super comfy shorts from Target. They were under $20 and very worth it! They were great for running around the park all day and they were a nice high waist. 

Those were all of my Disney outfits that I had to share with you guys! I hope that you all enjoyed them, next post won't be Disney themed I promise haha! But, I did want to share some Disney content since I know so many people are going soon! Stay tuned because there are more blog posts coming, I promise!