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Things I have Bought from Amazon lately

So we all love to shop Amazon, that's no secret, but there are some hidden gems I have been discovering on Amazon lately that I wanted to share with you all! This post is a random mixture of everything I have been buying lately from dresses to toiletry bags so I hope you guys enjoy!

Just an FYI, the whole collage that you see above is able to be shopped! All you have to do is click the image of the item that you are interested in and it will take you right to the website. By shopping through my blog I may make a very small commission from you using my links! I am extremely appreciative of all of you who continuously shop through my links and help to make my blogging dream a reality. Now, let's jump right on into the products. 

Pre-Warning: This is probably the most random group of items, but it's an Amazon haul so obviously it's going to be a whole mess of items haha! 

1. Apple Watch Charging Station: This little silicone egg has been an organization lifesaver. We are using sets of drawers as nightstands right now and they have VERY limited space. Every time I would go to charge my watch I would not have space for anything else on the nightstand. So I searched charging stations for Apple Watches and came across this one for $8.95. Your charger just goes inside and then your watch will just sit on it. It literally takes up no space and comes in a couple of different colors to match your decor! For under $10 you can't go wrong! 

2. Travel Toiletries Bag: If there is one thing that you buy from this blog post I highly recommend it being this toiletries bag! It's $9.99 and amazing quality! I took this on our trip to Disney and it fit SOOO much, I was seriously surprised! It had so many compartments that helped me to keep everything organized, which for me while traveling anywhere is essential! It comes in a lot of different colors and prints. This particular print is only $9.99 but some prints do cost more! 

3. Button Down Dress: So, this dress was actually sent to me to review and I will be honest with you guys, I wasn't expecting much but wanted to give the company the benefit of the doubt because they were so nice. Buying clothes on Amazon as a taller girl is difficult, especially dresses because most things wind up being too short on me! I was very surprised at the quality of this dress, it is not Nordstrom quality but it is good for a trendy piece! It is very similar to something you would get at Forever 21 or H&M. With that being said I sized up to a medium for length and it wound up fitting perfectly. The length was perfect and it was super cute on! If you want to see the dress in action follow THIS link to see it on me! It is just over $18, which is a perfect price for a trendy piece like this! 

4. LV Look-a-Like Apple Watch Band: If you are looking for a new watch band and love the checkered look that Louis Vuitton does so well, this watch band is for you! It's $12.99 and great quality and a great LV dupe! It is the perfect piece to dress up your casual summer look! I wear self-tanner a lot and it does not transfer onto the band and I haven't noticed it even begin to get dirty yet! I wear it all the time and it's great! What I like about it the most though is that the hardware on the band matches the hardware on my watch! They also make one with gold hardware if you have the gold watch! They have the brown version and a bunch of other super cute patterns that I want to get too! 

5. Bee Headbands: Okay so I have to start this one off by letting you guys know that I actually returned these, not because the quality was bad or not because they weren't what I wanted, they just wouldn't work for me. I am actually still sad about it. These are adorable if you know how to pull off a headband, I thought I could be one of those people but sadly I just could not be. They were good quality and I thought $18.99 for three different colors wasn't a bad deal! 

6. Alligator Hair Clips: When I tell you guys I CANNOT get ready without these, I'm not joking! I use these to do my hair because I have so much hair so I have to section it all off to be able to fix it. I also use these when I'm just doing my makeup to hold my hair out of my face. These are the only clips that actually hold my hair out of my face so I LOVEEE them! They come in a set of 10 for $5.99 and they're on prime. 

7. LV NeverFull Dupe: This is probably my favorite purchase from my whole thing. I originally saw this on Matti Greshman's Instagram and I fell in love. There are a lot of counterfeit designer bags on Amazon, and I did not want to get one of those for obvious reasons. So I settled for this one that resembled a Louis bag but wasn't counterfeit and was an actual dupe because it does not have the logo anywhere on the bag. It is amazing quality and the perfect size for every day if you are a fan of bigger bags! You could definitely use it as a small tote as well! I am very impressed by the quality of this bag as well, I can tell it will hold up for a while. It's $50 and very worth it! It comes with the little pouch shown in the picture which is detachable and can be used as a clutch! It comes in the white checkered and also black checkered if you don't want the brown! 

8. Pearl Hair Clips: I had been seeing these all over Instagram and fell in love with them and eventually talked myself into buying some! It is only $5.99 for all four of them, which is a great deal! Two of the clips are actual clips and the other two are like bobby pins. These are perfect for dressing up any basic outfit or to add a little spice to your dressier outfit. I actually have a cocktail party to attend tomorrow night that I am going to dress up my dress with one of these! Stay tuned to my Instagram stories to see how I do that tomorrow! 

There you have it, that's just about everything that I have bought on Amazon for the last two months are so! Stay tuned because coming on Wednesday are two recipes that are super easy and super yummy!



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