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Game Day Style with Obsession Boutique

I'm back with another styling post with Obsession Boutique and I think that this one may be my favorite by far. I get the honor of launching a ton of their new game day tees with all of you guys! Not only will I be sharing the new tee's but I will also be sharing how you can style them for game day! Southeastern girls, this one is for you! But don't worry all my Baton Rouge babes, I've got some LSU tee's and LSU game day look's for you guys too! 

Links are not available for this outfit. DM @shopatobsession on Instagram to order the shorts or shirt! 

Lion's Tee 

I had to share my favorite look with you guys first, I mean look at it, how could I not?! This little "Lions" tee is actually a cropped muscle tee, I didn't want to show that much skin with this look so I opted to throw a jean jacket on top. This option is perfect for night games during the fall for when it gets colder! The jean jacket allows you to still show off your cute outfit but keeps you warm while you look cute, it's a win-win! 

To keep the look casual I grabbed a comfy pair of distressed black shorts. I liked how the black made the outline of the words on the tee pop more, especially with the jean jacket over it! Also, these shorts are insanely good quality and insanely comfortable! 

I opted to do the same pair of shoes with all of my looks to show you guys how versatile these platform wedges are. You can take them from super casual day time into nicer events at night and they will keep your feet comfortable all day! 

The tee, shorts, and shoes are all from Obsession Boutique! My jacket is old from TJMaxx! 

The outfit details are linked through Instagram underneath the last photo, it will be like this for each outfit if I can find it listed on Instagram! If I cannot I recommend screenshotting the outfit you're interested in and sending them a DM through Instagram to order it! If an item is not linked it means that I could not find it on Instagram!

Links to shop: Skirt, Shoes

 Lion For Life Tee

This tee is perfect for current students all the way to alumni, which is why I love it so much! My whole goal with this post was to find completely different ways to style each one of these tees. I feel like when people see a t-shirt they think that it has to be worn casually, well I am here to tell you that it doesn't have to be! 

I paired this tee with a gold linen skirt and I loved the way that it turned out. The platform wedges made the whole look even more dressed up! I love this look for the homecoming game the most because it's more dressed up and when I think of the homecoming game I think of a little bit more dressy of an event than a normal game! 

I fell in love with this skirt the second that I put it on because it was seriously so comfortable. It's really good for Louisiana's version of fall because it is still breathable so you won't be sweating all day long! Also for my LSU fans out there, this skirt would be perfect for y'all, especially with a flowy purple top! 

Links: Skort, Shoes

Lion's Alumni Tee 

You guys may want to grab this tee today or as soon as you can because last year when this tee went out it sold out in one day! It's perfect to grab for your upcoming graduate or if you're a graduate yourself or if you're already alumni! It's also super soft! 

I decided to pair this one with an envelope style skort because I didn't think that a pair of denim shorts was enough for this shirt! I thought it needed just a little more! I love this skort because it was so comfortable, but I also loved it because of the envelope detail on the front. The way it crosses over and comes to a point at the end is going to dress up your outfit. 

This outfit is perfect for those game days where you just don't feel like getting all dressed up, but you still want to look cute and put together. Also, you need this skort in your life because it's that good!

To shop this look DM @shopatobsession on Instagram to order! 

 Saturday's in Strawberry Stadium

Okay I lied, this one may be my favorite outfit but honestly I can't choose! This tee is definitely one of my favorites and I think all of my Southeastern fans need it in their closet! For this look I didn't want to do classic Southeastern colors, I wanted to mix it up a little! 

When it comes to styling game day looks, especially with a cute graphic tee like this one you don't have to stick to your school colors! Play with your bottoms because you're already showing your school spirit with the graphic tee! That's why I opted for this little ruffle polka dot shorts. I don't know what sold me more, the ruffles or the polka dots. 

To spice this little outfit up just a little bit more I grabbed the same jean jacket from the first outfit. If it's just a little too hot to be wearing a jean jacket mix it up and tie the front of the tee into a little not and throw on a fun pair of statement earrings!

 The platform wedges were my favorite with this outfit because it was such a fun casual look but those shoes just added the perfect touch to the outfit that is needed!

Links: Flares, Shoes

Hammond America Tee

I have a pretty strong feeling that this is going to be a crowd favorite outfit, and I can't say that I blame y'all it's super cute! I decided that one of these cute tee's needed the staple of the season to be paired with, FLARES! 

Flare jeans have been seen everywhere since this past winter and they are not going anywhere any time soon! That's why I wanted to style one of these looks with a light wash pair. First off, they are ridiculously comfortable and they add a fun statement to your outfit, which y'all know that I love. 

I decided to not front tuck this one, I know crazy for me and knot it instead. I liked the knot more than the front tuck because these jeans are SUPER high waisted and I wanted to show that off! the benefit of knotting your shirt this way is that it shows off how tiny these jeans make your waist look!

To shop this look DM @shopatobsession on Instagram to order! 

 Lions Star Tee

Decided to stick with the 70's theme I have going on for my last Southeastern tee, don't worry LSU fans the next two tees are just for y'all! So there is a trend going around that is throwing a tee over a dress, romper, or jumpsuit and tying it to show off the bottom half. I loved the trend and we decided that it would be super cute for game day! 

So we grabbed this AMAZING jumpsuit and this super cute tee and knotted it and called it a day! It's seriously that simple! It's still doing a really good job of showing off the tee while still giving the jumpsuit the credit that it deserves too! 

This outfit is perfect for the gal that really wants to have fun with her game day outfit and totally spice up the tee! I know that I like to spice up my t-shirt game with a pair of fancy shorts but this jumpsuit trend just took it to a whole other level and I am here for it. 

To shop this look DM @shopatobsession on Instagram to order! 

Tiger's Star Tee

Alright my LSU gals, I promised you guys that LSU tees were coming for y' all and here they are! This one is just like the last one I shared but LSU version, and it's just as adorable! The other difference is that this one is more of a muscle tee than just a normal t-shirt! 

Can we just take a second to appreciate this skirt too? Like c'mon, it's amazing! In my opinion, the best part of football season is all the fun animal prints that you get wear, amirite ladies? This skirt was the perfect thing to pair with this shirt because it did not have too much going on and it was just perfect! 

This is a perfect outfit for if it gets a little colder at a night game because you can easily throw on a cute cropped jean jacket and you will be ready to go! I am actually obsessed with this outfit if you couldn't tell lol. 

Links: Skirt, Shoes

Go Tigers Tee 

Ok last but definitely not least is another one of my absolute favorite outfits. Can we just stop for a second and talk about how cute this tee is though? I have seen this tee done a couple of different ways and this is by far my favorite design because it is more feminine than the others that I have seen so far! 

Also, before anyone says anything I know this skirt is cheetah print and not tiger, and while I may not be a fan of wearing the wrong print I loved this skirt and I couldn't pass up putting it with this shirt! I think when you do it right it looks really cute! I loved the tiered layers of this shirt because it gives a really good shape to the outfit and dresses up the whole thing! 

If I wind up going to an LSU game this year this outfit is a top contender for me! 

This was the first installment of my back to school blog series and I am super excited about how it all turned out! Stay tuned because next week I am taking this series into full swing and my back to school essentials blog post will be going up Monday or Tuesday morning so make sure that you are subscribed to the blog so that you won't miss it! 


*This post was sponsored by Obsession Boutique 


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