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What I Ask for at the Nail Salon

So a question I get quite often whether it be through Instagram or in real life is are my nails real. The short answer to this question is "no", so I asked you guys if you would want a whole blog post on what I ask for when I go to the nail salon and you all voted yes! So let's hop on in!

First off, I do have acrlyic nails they are not the best for your natural nail, but just like anything else if you take care of them you will be fine! I have had acrylic nails for I think 6 years now and every time I get a new set the nail tech comments on how good my nail beds look. My best tip for this is for you to go out and find a really good nail tech! I have had people literally destroy my nails from over drilling them and it took months for them to get back to normal, so finding someone that is good for you is key! Don't worry if you don't find "the one" on the first or second try, it's taken me like 6 nail salons to find where who and where I go now! 

When I go if my nails are not old and lifting, I just get a refill. A refill is exactly what it sounds like, it's just going over the nail that is already there! If you are new to acrlyics the first time you go in you will be getting a full set, that's a whole new set of acrlyic nails with or without tips. If you want longer nails you should opt for tips, if you want shorter nails you don't need them! I get refills on my nails until they start lifting, and believe me you will know when that starts happening! 

I typically get gel polish on top of my acrylics, the reason I do this is because in short, it lasts longer. I used to do just regular polish on top for years. Then I stopped doing acrylics and just tried gel, but that didn't work because all the polish would wind up peeling off! That's when I started getting gel ontop of acrylic! I've been doing this method for about 4 years now and it really does not fail me. They don't chip and they look shinier for a lot longer than regular polish will! Ideally, I will go get my nails done every two weeks, but that typically never happens so it's usually every three weeks! If you have a good nail tech you can stretch it out for even longer than that. 

For my feet, I almost always get a pedicure every time I go, but I blame my mother for that because she got me addicted to them. I typically just get the basic pedicure wherever I go, it's very rare that I get a better pedicure than the regular one! I don't ask for anything special for my pedicures except that they shape up my toe nails because I find a lot of nail techs really won't shape them if you don't ask. 

If you don't want to get pedicures all the time I recommend getting them frequently in the summer time! You are typically wearing sandals and open-toed things your feet tend to get rougher at least mine do. Another thing I recommend with pedicures is avoiding getting one if you are going on a vacation where you are going to be walking a lot, you will get blisters like crazy! 

That's basically it in terms of my nails! I hope this was helpful and I'll be back in a few days with another new blog post!



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