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About Me

Hello gals! 

I am so happy that you're here! I created this blog out of a dream of mine that I had for years. I always knew that I wanted to show my love for clothing and makeup on social media somehow, but I never found a site that worked for me. That was until I started following bloggers. I fell in love with the way that they were doing things, and it was exactly what I wanted to do! So during the summer of 2017 I started my Instagram and "blogged" from there. I knew I wasn't ready to throw myself into the deep end of blogging just yet, so this was dipping my toes in. In January of 2018, Zoe Taylor Beauty - The Blog, went up! In January of 2019 I did a rebrand of my blog and it is what you see now! My blog is filled with cute outfits, beauty, skincare, and most of all real life situations! When something happens in my life I come here to write about it. My goal as a young blogger in college is to be as real as possible. I want my readers to feel like they aren't alone! Thank you guys for following along! If you like what you see make sure to subscribe to never miss a post!